Wednesday, July 29, 2009

National Night Out - Tuesday, August 4th, 6-9pm

Celebrate a Night Out Against Crime on August 4th, from 6-9pm. Our block party is between 61st - 63rd on S G Street. Come join us and meet your neighbors.

Bring your favorite dish (meal) or dessert or fruit. Note Children / youth under 14 years MUST BE ESCORTED by a parent / adult.

Remember, volunteers are still needed for set up and clean up. Set up will be on both Monday and Tuesday. Please contact Tony Caldwell (info listed below), if you are able to help

For more information, please contact Tony Caldwell 476-2742 or


Brad Allen

Friday, July 24, 2009

Graffiti To Do List

1. Report to Tacoma Police Department. Call non-emergency: 798-4721

2. Take a photograph of graffiti for Tacoma Police and Safe Streets.

3. Cover graffiti ASAP (same day is best)!

4. Send photograph to Block Leader / Safe Streets.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 21, 2009 Meeting Announcement: Gangs & Graffiti

Our next monthly meeting is Tuesday, July 21st from 6:30 - 8:00pm at Bethany United Methodist Church (5634 S Park Avenue). As you may have noticed, our neighborhood is being overcome with gangs and graffiti. We have been receiving reports you and your neighbors have been getting "tagged" nearly every night. Det. McColeman from Tacoma Police Department's Gang Unit will be joining us to help us learn what is happening in our City and what we can do about it.

Be sure to bring your entire family to this VERY IMPORTANT event.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Suspicious Activity on S Park Avenue, 7/11/2009

Notes from a VERY Concerned Neighbor on S Park Avenue...

5805 S Park Ave

Vehicle plate# 724-UNW, Chevy Tahoe, taupe in color. Parked in front of 5805 late last night around 11 pm. This morning at about 8:30 am it pulled up again, a short, white male in 20’s with a white doo rag, sunglasses, tan shirt and orange/red shorts got out, hopped into a new shiny black small car, sped around the 59th street circle then up 59th towards pacific. A 1970-80’s primed car plate #970-XRD pulled up, parked and the driver, white, 20’s, male waited in the car with the Tahoe driver, white, male, 20’s brown hair, joining the primer car. Then the guy with the doo rag walked back from wherever the black car took him, got into the Tahoe with the Tahoe driver getting back into the driver seat. A gold car plate# 041-UUV came flying up behind the parked Tahoe honking insistently. The driver was a dark blonde, woman, 20’s and a passenger woman, light black, 20’s. The blonde jumped out of her car, went up to the driver side of the Tahoe, reached in and grabbed something and went back to her car. The Tahoe driver jumped out and ran back to the gold car. Then went back to the Tahoe, told the passenger to get out, got into the back seat of the gold car. I at this point came out, took down the license plate numbers. The Tahoe driver told me there wasn’t a problem and I told yes there was. That this whole scenario is not acceptable on this street. This is not the place to do whatever they are doing. The doo rag guy walked towards Safeway with his football, the gold car drove off with the women and the Tahoe driver and the 1970’s car took off. The Tahoe still sits sloppily parked the wrong way in front of 5805. I think a ticket for parking the wrong way would be great!

So, my thoughts are:

1. The drug dealers came to pick up the buyers.
2. Drove somewhere up into the neighborhood where the drug house must be.
3. The buyer then walks back to where their vehicles are left.4. The Tahoe driver may be the son of the new owner of 5805.

We need to keep track of these types of situations and I am going to see if I can find where the black car is located (at what house up 59th somewhere maybe).Share as you wish. This new activity needs to be squashed promptly!