Saturday, March 17, 2012

2012 Calendar of Events

April 17th Monthly Meeting
April 21st Adopt-a-Spot Clean up

May 12th Community-wide Clean up
May 15th Monthly Meeting

June 19th Monthly Meeting: 5th Annual Neighborhood Walkabout
June 29th 7th Annual March Against Crime (on Pacific Avenue):
Rally at 5pm at Giaudrone Middle School parking lot
March at 6pm, Park Avenue Neighborhood’s corner is 64th & Pacific Ave

July Fight the Blight Month
July 17th Monthly Meeting
July 28th Fight the Blight Celebration?

August 4th Annual Park Avenue Neighborhood 35-Block Yard Sale
August 7th National Night Out (Neighborhood Party)
August 21st Monthly Meeting

September 18th Monthly Meeting
September 22nd Park Avenue Neighborhood’s Fall Adopt-a-Spot Clean up

October 16th Monthly Meeting

November 20th Monthly Meeting


January 15th, 2013 5th Anniversary Party & Chili Bowl III

Take Action on Graffiti


1. Report to Tacoma Police Department.
Call non-emergency: 798-4721

2. Take a photograph of graffiti for Tacoma Police
and Safe Streets.

3. Cover graffiti ASAP (same day is best)!

4. Send photograph to local neighborhood watch
group, such as Park Avenue Neighborhood
( / Safe
Streets. These are forwarded to Tacoma
Police Department’s Gang Unit.