Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crime Prevention Tips


1. Participate in neighborhood block watch.

2. Get to know your neighbors.

3. Build a phone tree for your block.

4. Report all crimes to Tacoma Police Department.
Crime in progress: call 911
Others: call 798-4721

5. Install and use good exterior lighting.

6. Reduce and remove overgrown vegetation around home and in alley.

7. Install good quality locks on your home and use them.

8. Clean up garbage in yards, streets and alleys.

9. Cover graffiti immediately.

10. Park all vehicles legally.

11. Participate in neighborhood patrol.

12. Use timers on lights when you are away.

13. Put your house number on your garage where it can be seen from the alley.

14. Keep a look out for suspicious activity and report any to Tacoma Police Department.

15. Request a FREE in-home crime / burglary assessment by calling 591-5048.

Neighbors of Park Avenue Neighborhood compiled this list during our monthly meeting on May 18, 2010.

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